Welcome to Mohaleap Lotto, Cambodia’s new betting service trading as Every Bright Rich Trading Company Ltd (co3177KH/2012). Commencing in 2017, Mohaleap Lotto promotes, operates and manages the lotto number forecast betting system nation-wide in a secure, trusted and efficient manner.

We offer wide variety of instant and mobile games via the 2000-plus Wing dealer stores spread across the country. Our commitment is to give equal opportunity to the games to all people in Cambodia. Our extensive footprint with Wing enables us to reach all areas and demographics.

Mohaleap encourages young dynamic people to join us to help achieve our Vision and Mission.

To offer entertaining games using the latest innovations with trusted and secure systems.

To provide Cambodia’s leading gaming experience.


  • FAIR – To continue to offer to players only games which are fair and equitable in terms of quality, quantity and value of awarded prizes.
  • ACCESSIBLE – To promote the accessibility of lottery games among all the citizens of the Cambodia.
  • LOCALISED – To evaluate retailers not only on the basis of revenues generated, but with consideration to their location and the population that they serve.
  • EFFICIENT – To maximize the excess of revenues over expenses, to judge all expenditures solely on the basis of their contribution to producing profits for the agency, and to make every effort to evaluate and improve operational efficiency.
  • TRUSTWORTHY -To be always worthy of the public’s trust and respect.

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